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Sweetrock Shootin'

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2008 8:09 pm    Post subject: Sweetrock Shootin' Reply with quote

Sandra Harris
Cassidy Greene
Charlie Landers
Jim MacNeil
Will O' The Wisp

Avarice x2
Xiong "Wendy" Cheng
John Bloody Knife
Mr. Slate
Captain Sim Yut-San (Experienced)

King Willy's Mother Lode
Fish Ridge Mine
Smiley's Shaft
Stuffed to the Gills Strike
Colorado Lode

Actions (SEVEN each of 4c 5c 6c 7c 8c)
Ace in the Hole x3
Seductress x2
Throw Down x2
Ambush x3
Bum Rush x4
Pistol Whip x4
Don't Like yer Looks! x2
Bounty Hunter (AIH, would rather have these than Don't Like Yer Looks)
Bad Tequila x4
Snakebite x2
Run Outta Town (very substandard in this low-value deck, OK vs.
Kidnapping x3
Jackalope Stampede x4

Death's Head Joker x2

Notes: From the layout of the actions you can guess that the point of the deck is to Straight Flush like a madman. This is an extremely aggressive shootout deck and you should never be sitting around at home during a turn. Stomp around the town, yell a lot, use your Kidnappings and other attack cards, and take out influence from the bad guys (your opponents). If your opponent does something silly like play a CP deed, go stomp on it! It should be rightfully yours! You are Sweetrock! =)

Note that this deck is weakened by the new Sweetrock home. The "one non Sweetrock dude" shouldn't be too worrying as you don't need more than one out at a time. Maybe decrease or take out the Avarices because you'd probably rather have Wendy or Slate out for the shootin'. However, the +3 instead of +5 makes your expensive dudes and cards like Seductress and Ambush look awful expensive. If you can get strikes out quick you're golden (so maybe DO NOT take out the Avarices =). Note also that you aren't SUPPOSED to pay the upkeep on Captain Sim -- he is your "I win" card. Similar situation with Avarice but you can always use his ability to make his being around worthwhile. I've had Avarice standing on Colorado Lode on turn 3's upkeep before =). That's some production!!

Also, depending on how many Jackelopes you expect to see you might want to throw in some cheap (0 cost, +1 production) strikes to absorb Jackelope damage. This deck really does cheat a little over 50% of the time. You start 5 dudes mainly for this reason as well -- to suck up Jackelopes (also because it's nice to have the extra inf from Charlie...).

Try to avoid discarding the Willo to Jackelope (or otherwise losing it), since you NEED Willo to have any kind of control over strikes at all. Having Willo out is like playing Maze Rats =). If your opponent plays a strike you don't want him earning the CP or production from, head your posse out there and then head Willo out using its ability. Because Willo is unbooted he can perform a callout and you can shoot away with your whole gang!

This deck now needs some tuning for the post-Pine Box environment but it's a solid shootout deck. Other additions that come to mind are:

Massacre. I would think about removing the 8s and using 3s instead including Massacre. You are using Kidnapping against turtles in any case (Kidnapping generally takes out low bullet high influence dudes), and Massacre is perfect. Massacre is even more fun with Willowisp and a situation like the strike one above. If every dude in the game is at strike X, it doesn't matter how much cash anyone has =). Willo just starts a Massacre and yer off! However Kidnapping is free and a lot of the things in this deck are getting expensive anyway with the +3 production now...

Maze Rats home. =) You get extra production and you could change your starting dudes. I think a MR version of this deck could be even better than the SR version, but the extra CP for the big strikes is mighty nice on the other hand...

And Stay Down! This deck will make nasty noises at The Ghost. The Ghost will hurt this deck. In fact I think that a good Agency deck starting the Experienced Ghost would beat this deck as written most of the time.
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