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Black Circle Control

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 16, 2010 3:20 pm    Post subject: Black Circle Control Reply with quote

Black Circle:
Jebediah Whateley EXP
Widow Withers
Timmy Derrick EXP
Saul Whateley EXP

That's 12 Ghostrock, with only 1 upkeep. That's 8 GR if you lose Lowball.

Enoch Whateley
Malrog Whateley
Basil Whateley
Lucifer Whateley
Tzipporah Whateley
Nicodemus Whateley EXP2

2x What this Town Needs Is...
4x Divided Loyalties

Leaning Rock Strike (Hard to Control more than 1 turn)
Miss Greene's Room (Some utility dudes can't move here)
Fish Ridge Mine (Generic Strike with Control)
Abandoned Mine (Most guys can't move there)
Polecat Saloon (Unless your opponant is Blackjacks, they could have trouble taking control of this from you)
St Martin's Chapel (No Dixie Rails dudes here!)
Sheriff's Shaft (No Claim Jump / Maze Rats)
Lyle's Aquatic Emporium (After a shootout, regain control)
The Mission House (No Dixie Rails again!)
Vigilance Ranch (Easy to keep control of)
Confessional (Timmy in here > Law Dogs with FoA)

Nicodemus' Deck
Pembroke's Analysis of Hoyle

4x Dealer's Choice

Dark Protection (I think I only own 1)
4x Shadow Man
4x Shadow Walk
2x Suzy Goes Berserk
4x Puppet
4x Missed Me!


Obviously, you've got Enoch and Puppets, and this is what will essentially win you the game. Other than that, you've got 2 dudes with Influence most people won't be able to call out, and really only a Whateley player might be able to call out both. You've got locations that even if you have trouble moving to or controlling, so will your opponant.

Dealer's Choice a game winner, a Huckster with Suzie Goes Beserk and Missed Me! should take out any two guys in the game out with Puppet adding to your opponants death. The deck struggles to pull much in a shootout, and several of your opponants might have trouble getting card high instead being struck with a pair or more.

Unfortunately there are a fair few low value cards in the deck, meaning you won't be able to Puppet anyone too high value, but with Dealer's Choice, you'll be able to call out Blackjack with the Charlie Landers you just grabbed... and Blackjack probably wont make it out alive
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