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Western Corporate Office - Money Bomb

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 23, 2010 3:36 pm    Post subject: Western Corporate Office - Money Bomb Reply with quote

This is a first build, and I can see a couple of things that could do with being changed, but I'm not sure if i'll play the deck again...

Sweetrock - Western Corporate Office
Raven's Crevase
Howard Findley
Mortimer Jones
Mick Caples

17 Spent on Dudes, another 5 on the Deed. 3 Ghost Rock if you lose lowball.

4x Boxin' Match
2x Tool Belt

Nasty Doc's
Hitched Buggy Strike
Spirit of Kentucky Shaft
Callahan's Ditch
Water's Edge Strike
On the Side Strike
Penny Arcade
The Jaded Jackalope
San Simeon Mine
Pike's Puddle Mine
Cracked Bone Strike
The Gaping Maw Strike
Harlot's Haven Strike
Drop in the Ocean Strike
The Desert Rose Lode
Thunder Gulch Strike
Henry's Hole
Wishing Well
Strike Experiment #1
Foale's Folly

2x Jackelope Stampede
3x Reserves
3x Defendin' What's Yours

Robert Northrop Exp
Nash Bilton Exp 2
Jim MacNeil Exp
J.P. Coleman Exp
Brigadier-General Patterson
Killer Kerry Exp
Rachel Sumner Exp2
Wrath Exp
Maze Dragon
Black Jack Exp2
Brigadier-General Patterson Exp
The Ghost Exp
Nate Hunter Exp.

With Howard Findley in play, a 2/+2 strike is now a 1/+3 strike, which Mick could make a +4, and since most of the deck is face cards, this shouldn't be a problem.

After a couple of turns, it's easy to be on +20 ghostrock a turn, at which point you can churn out any of the big hitting dudes in the deck. Nasty Doc's and Patterson then become key cards, as you start to harrow every one of your dudes, eventually using Defending What's Yours to get those victory points.

The deck can pull a straight flush from the deeds, with a full house/4 or 5 of a kind possible once you've got alot of deeds on the table (legal 4 of a kind won't happen, it'll be cheating).

Once you've got 3 deeds on the table, Howard Findley has effectivily got rid of his upkeep, while reducing his cost from 9 to 6.

I'm not sure the Tool Belts are needed, and I only just noticed that Exp Patterson is in there, which you'll never want to play...
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