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Sweetrock Bicycle

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2008 8:11 pm    Post subject: Sweetrock Bicycle Reply with quote

Type: Fun

AS - Shouting Tom
2S - Sandra Harris
3S - Mortimer Jones
4S - Ferret's Eye
5S - Mick Caples
6S - Robert Northrop
7S - Byron St. James
8S - Max Baine
9S - Stone Man
XS - Big Jake
JS - Jim Macneil
QS - Howard Findley
KS - Austin Stoker

AD - Colorado Lode
2D - Smiley's Shaft
3D - Knot Mine
4D - Elysium Fields Mine
5D - Tent City (Chinese Workers)
6D - The 2nd Bank of Gamorra
7D - St. Martin's Chapel
8D - Pony Express
9D - Spirit of Kentucky Shaft
XD - Orphanage
JD - The Gaping Maw Strike
QD - Town Well
KD - The Clock Tower

AC - Lady Luck
2C - Crack Shot
3C - Massacre at High Noon
4C - Ace in the Hole
5C - Dust Devil
6C - Pistol Whip
7C - Luck of the Draw
8C - And Stay Down!
9C - Snake Eyes
XC - Hostile Takeover
JC - Take Ya With Me
QC - Claim Jumper
KC - Forgery

2H - Earthquake
4H - Founder's Day
8H - It Was a Mountain Lion
XH - Culling of the Blessed

AH - Kenny
3H - Maze Runner
5H - Roan
6H - Holdout Knife
7H - Buffalo Rifle
9H - Pair of Six-Shooters
JH - Double-Barreled Shotgun
QH - Bowie Knife
KH - Quick-Draw Holster

Notes: If you couldn't tell, this is a bicycle format deck. It does very well in both one-on-one and multiplayer. However, as most Sweetrock players know, we sometimes lack firepower to dive into the Town Square shootin'.

Build up your Dudes early on and then work on maneuvering your Dudes around town.

The 8H (Mountain Lion) is _very_ dangerous and if you don't like that "cross your fingers" feeling, feel free to swap it out for something else.

If nothing else, let me plug the bicycle format here. I feel that it is much superior to the "open" format (although I must admit you lose out on some of the "intended" flavor without Cheatin' cards, etc).
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