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Sioux Render

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 02, 2008 7:46 pm    Post subject: Sioux Render Reply with quote

Charlie Landers
Wise Cloud
Mr. Bones
Singing Feather (not exp.)
Billy Iron Horse
Little Running Bear
Little Mountain
Joseph Eyes Like Rain

The Lode
New Town Hall
Burial Ground
Old Moon Saloon
Pony Express
Green Eye Saloon
Bat's Breath Mine
Harlot's Haven Strike
Town Well
Thunder Gulch Strike
Henry's Hole

Run Outta Town x3
Snake Eyes x2
Rumors x3

Full Moon x3
It Was A Mountain Lion x3
Los Diablos Stampede x3

Rain Dance
Ask the Spirits x2
Call Weather x3
Sticks to Snakes x2
Curse x4
Apache Devil Dancers x2
Medicine x2

2 Joker

This deck wins games and is extremely efficient in doing so. It is far more than a simple Event deck that relies on chance to knock your oponent down. The deck uses a variety of cards to control the environment and remove all of your oponent's influence - often very quickly. However, I have also seen this deck get a very slow start and have the fortitude to come back and win. It is by no means fragile. In fact, this deck often has an answer for everything.

You start with 5 influence which is often enough to at least prevent your oponent from having the card advantage if not get the advantage for yourself. The values of the dudes are all pretty low to avoid being hit by some of the more potent Events. The role of the Events in the deck is fairly obvious - acing, controlling, or removing your oponent's dudes. Evaluate the environment each turn and use the Sioux home ability to fish out Spirits to serve your purposes - if you have Events in your hand, Ask the Spirits, if you are concerned that the Events will hurt you instead, Apache Devil Dancers, need more money next turn, Rain Dance, if you need defense, Call Weather, Sticks to Snakes, or Medicine, if you're going for the kill, pull the Curse. Billy Iron Horse and the Pony Express will also help you cycle cards to get the right things in your hand.
As far as actions, Rumors further helps to knock that influence down and Run Outta Town is a GREAT cheatin' card for influence reduction in a high pullin' deck. Plus you can get and KEEP the Run Outta Towns in your hand with Mr. Bones once you've seen one go to your discard pile - very nice! The Deeds most often used for the knockout punch are The Lode, New Town Hall, or Burial Ground. The two deeds with the building control values are just ruthless in this deck and the Burial Ground is a close second because it is worth 2 to a Sioux player. If things really strt falling apart, you have 3 back-up Shamen/Studs, though it's really never come to that.

As far as weaknesses, the deck doesn't make much ghost rock, but it doesn't need to. Just be sure you have enough for your upkeep before you use the home ability for a Spirit. Also, it's not really a shootout deck, but does okay if it's forced into a fight. However, with the Sticks to Snakes and the Call Weathers, you can usually avoid conflict.
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