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Land Rites

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 02, 2008 7:50 pm    Post subject: Land Rites Reply with quote

The Approach

Two complimentary cards suggest a strategy together; Claim Jumper and Hostile Takeover. Using these, its possible to take ownership of almost any deed that enters play, a powerful technique. To best exploit it, we use the Sioux for their fast card cycling and searching as well as movement tools like Speed of the Wolf. Once again, we are shooting for a basic shootout result of Full House with occasional Four of a Kind.

The Sevens (12)
2 Run Otta Town
1 Move Along
1 Stallion
2 Speed of the Wolf
1 Ghost Of My Father
1 Montana Holland
1 Strikes A Hawk
1 Power Plant
1 Buster's Gambling Hall
1 Old Moon Saloon

Some other actions could replace Move Along such as Attitude, Bad Tequila, or One Eyed Jacks Are Wild. Speed of the Wolf and Stallion are almost interchangable here. Strikes a Hawk and Ghost of My Father are used with the Bow and Arrow, but if those go, then these dudes could be replaced with other good Sevens like Cain Regen or Billy No-neck.

The Tens (12)
2 Hostile Takeover
1 Get A Rope
1 Apache Devil Dancers
1 Breath of the Spirits
1 Eagle Sight
1 Tioga Joe
1 Werner Braun
1 Mad Dog Campbell
1 The Barber's Shop
1 Elijah's Parish
1 On The Side Strike

In place of Get A Rope, you could try Caught With Yer Pants Down or Reserves. If you are using more Stallions, then the Alrigth Corral might be a solid replacement for the On The Side Strike.

The Queens (12)
2 Claim Jumper
1 Defendin' What's Yours
2 Medicine
1 Bowie Knife
1 Eagle Rock exp2
1 Little Mountain
1 John Bloody Knife exp
1 Gypsy's Tent
1 Town Well
1 The Desert Rose Lode

Tattoo is an option here if you want to help out your Shaman.

Other Cards (16)
2 Jackelope Stampede
2 Bow and Arrow
1 Rain Dance
1 Curse
1 Walks In Footprints
1 Two Birds Chirping exp
1 Little Running Bear exp
1 Feather-In-His-Hair
1 Singing Feather
1 Benjamin Nightsinger
1 Billy Iron Horse
1 Seeking Fury
1 Wise Cloud exp
1 Bites The Hand

2 Jokers

Dont forget to fetch Rain Dance instead of collecting your income on turn 1; if you are worried about it showing up in lowball, include another copy of it. There are more dudes than deeds here to assist the basic activity of "claiming" deeds. Another Curse is certainly an option as well. Starting Dudes are Billy Iron Horse, Seeking Fury, Wise Cloud exp, and Bites The Hand. This is a total of 15 ghost rock out of 18 with 1 upkeep out of 3 production and a total of 4 influence. Mr. Bones is not as useful here because of the card cycling of Billy and Seeking Fury. Our new lodge motto; "What's Yours is Mine and What's Mine is Mine!" Smile
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