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Bob Bidwell Experienced

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 30, 2007 1:22 pm    Post subject: Bob Bidwell Experienced Reply with quote

By Eric Jome

Bob Bidwell Experienced 4S

Cost 2, 0 Upkeep, 2 Draw, 0 Influence, Drifter Experienced.

Noon: All players may reveal their Play hands. Pull 3 times: Players that reveal their Play hand must discard any cards with the same Values (ignoring suits) as the pulls. Players that reveal their Play hand may either gain 3 ghost rock or give one of their Dudes a +2 Influence bonus until after Nightfall.

One of the most interesting new cards in Do Unto Others is the experienced version of Bob Bidwell. From a humble beginning has come a powerful, useful card that is subtle and ingenious.

Bob Bidwell is still a cheap dude at only 2 ghost rock and his 2 Draw bullet rating is respectable if limited. His value of Four may hinder him somewhat, but he shares that value with other great cards including Ace In The Hole, LAD Saloon, Cerulean Cove Mining Operation, Maurice Foster, Founder's Day, and Bolt-Action Rifle. But Bob's real value lies in his new ability. Lets take a close look at that ability.

First, to use it you must show your hand. This is definitely a drawback, but everyone who wishes to get the advantages must pay this price. If it gives you a chance to see your opponent's hand its as much of a benefit as it is a drawback; indeed, if you dont need either of the other benefits and it wont hurt to let the opponent have them, you may get a look at his hand. Note that Bob doesnt have to boot to use this ability, so he can still help out in other areas on the turn you use it. Cards like Pony Express or Whiskey Flask can help cover for you revealing your hand as well.

Once everyone who wants a shot at the prize has revealed their hand, you pull 3 times. If someone is showing a card in their hand with a value equal to one of those pulls, its discarded. Clearly, this can make a deck very tight in a few values discard several cards from their hand. Is this a problem? Maybe. If you want those values out of your hand and back in your deck for shooting or pulling, it might help. And you can always play cards from your hand before you use the ability. If it takes a Cheatin! card out of your hand, Mr. Bones is an excellent way to get it back; showing your hand a second time isnt going to be much of a drawback.

Unless your opponent is stacking the same values you are, its unlikely the pulls will cost them much. Many decks, however, use Sevens, Eights, and Nines so your chances can be greater if you use them as well. If you can build a deck where the cards you want to play are the odd values, as is often the case in a Straight Flush deck, this may not be a problem for you at all. And the pulls and discards can help you cycle your cards better than your opponent, a potential benefit for cards like Mr. Bones, Hired Guns, or Unearthly Beacon.

The two obvious benefits are the ghost rock or the influence you get after going through all of the rest. The influence is very handy; in a pinch you can even give it to Bob himself. It can help you control a deed, get the extra card at the end of the turn end, or even keep you in the game. This is the benefit you are likely to use later in the game when your production is high enough to support your needs.

The 3 ghost rock option can be an even bigger advantage. In the early game, this can be crucial in building up fast. Normally, you pay 4 ghost rock for a strike to make that much rock each turn; Bob is only 2 ghost rock. Your opponent can prevent you collecting from your strike by controlling or destroying the location, but Bob's income can move with him or hide at home, making it much safer. And 3 ghost rock is double the production of most outfits!

The opponent can gain their choice of benefit as well, but he must show you his hand and risk losing cards to do so. The increased production can be a boost anytime and the additional influence can prolong the game when you didnt want that. But you decide when Bob gets used; if you cant afford to give the opponent either benefit, you dont have to.

Bob is an excellent target for Play It Again or Good Stiff Drink; showing your hand a second time isnt a problem and a deck tight in values has already lost or played any cards it will lose to the pulls.

"Can you spare a dime?" ... For you Bob? Sure! Smile
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 29, 2008 9:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

while it should go without saying, I will say it.

Bob lets you see your opponent's hand - so I would suggest that you actually look at it.

Too many times I have either commited the sin myself or had opponent's do this. THey "play the Bob game" and then later go into a shootout wondering if the other player has any Cheatin'! Cards.

Take a moment to look. It can pay off immensely.

Conversely, if you do not have any Cheatin' Cards and your opponent activates old Bob, consider refusing to play. Even if you need the money. If they are playing against a shooting deck you may want to be deliberate about keeping the contents of your hand secret, much better to make them wonder than to give them Carte Blanche to start throwing Five-of-a-kinds your way.
Richard Carter
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Shambling US Champion 2012
Big fish in small ponds
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 13, 2013 7:34 pm    Post subject: extra point Reply with quote

One extra point that the mighty Cosine didn't fully raise;

It helps you to cycle cards in to your hand from your deck.

Doomtown is different to many other card games in that it lets you refill your hand to five for free, every turn. In M:TG, card drawing is limited to one card per turn, and card drawing engines have often been banned.
Card drawing engines were also always paired with abusive combos, and Gommorra is no different...
I see Bob's role as dumping those cards from your hand this turn, that you can get to them next. I envisage building a combo deck that can pair Bob with Eureka's rage. That way, you can empty your hand with Bob, and fill it with the Angry Dog.

I'm not sure it'll fit in a focused turn one monster, but it certainly works well in a full house/4 of a kind deck, where you can guarantee those cards are going to get out of your hand late in the turn.
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