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=Science and Honor= (formerly known as The Chess Club)

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Joined: 14 Sep 2008
Posts: 96

PostPosted: Thu Jan 01, 2009 8:42 pm    Post subject: =Science and Honor= (formerly known as The Chess Club) Reply with quote

Collegium: The New Front (18/+3)

Starting Posse: (16 Spent 0 upkeep. +3 GR production)
2S Robert Holmes
2S Peevie
7S Finneas Von Landingham (inexp)
7S Prof. Susan Franklin
8S Julius Bailey

3S Pierre Fontaine
4S Marcus Perriwinkle
4S Alice Chaimberlain
5S Gunther Hapworth
6S Fineas Von Landingham (exp.)
6S Benny Hibbs
8S Julius Baily
QS Gerald Klippstein

6H Gatling Pistol
6H Investment Machine
8H Electrostatic Pump Gun x2
8H Mechanical Horse
8H Soul Blast Cannon
8H Radar
9H Rocket Boots
9H Flamethrower
9H Soul Blast Cannon
TH Infrared Spectacles
JH Prof. Parnham's Miracle Elixer
JH Acid Gun
QH Ray Gun
KH Rocket Pack

9H New Science Magazine

3D New Town Hall
5D Sam's General Store
8D Pony Express
JD Bat’s Breath Mine
KD Strike Experiment #1

6C Arson x2
6C Secret Bomb
6C …Today, I Am
7C Bad Tequila x4
8C The North End
8C Mesa Checkpoint
8C Low Profile
8C Jackelope Stampede
9C Misdirection x2
9C Confederate Hunter
9C Listen Up!
TC Eureka’s Rage x2
TC Get a Rope
TC Refuse to Fall

After talking to madscience, I reworked the deck to the tips he gave me to make it shoot better, and this is what I came up with. When I played against Maze Rats: Landed Rats last night, I was equaling or doing better than my friends 4 stud with a 1 stud in shootouts with a lot of flushes.

Still experimenting with starting posse's.

<edit:removed the QC Claim Jumper (x2) in place for a few more 7S Bad Tequila, and a few other to make it more evenly balanced value wise.>
<edit: removed 2H Sonic Destabilization Ray, Added JH Prof. Parnham's Miracle Elixer>
<edit: added second Arson and New Town Hall, removed Here Comes the Cavalry and Mental Hospital>
<edit: added 8H Radar, removed 5C Smith and Robards Delivery.>
<edit: added 8H Mechanical Horse and 8H Electrostatic Pump Gun, removed 5C Ambush and 5C Bum Rush>
<edit: added 5D Sam's General Store, removed 10D Archaeological Dig>
<edit: added 9H New Science Magazine, removed 5C Double Dealin'>

Last edited by Joshtheawesome09 on Sun Nov 14, 2010 9:11 am; edited 10 times in total
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Joined: 14 Sep 2008
Posts: 96

PostPosted: Tue Sep 29, 2009 4:48 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Cool story:

Last night played a game with this deck versus a Landed Rats deck. I only had two deeds out, Bat's Breath Mine and Archaeological Dig. Three Dudes left, Gunther Hapworth, who was tapped for creating a gadget, Prof. Susan Franklin, and Finneas Von Landinghamg exp (Peevie had unfortunately died from a cheatin' card). Only Fineas was at Bats Breath Mine. Fineas was equiped with a Gatling Pistol. A lot of the Maze Rats had died the turn before in a shootout (which gave me 3 victory points).

So at this time I had 3 VP and 1 CP to my opponents 4 influence. At Bat's Breath, there was Po Yu with a New Hat and another sort of influence bonus (I can't remember, this was about 3 in the morning). I called Po Yu out with Fineas, got in a shoot out, and unfortunately had to cheat again. I got hit with a double dealin', and pulled only one pair to my opponents two pair. Fineas died, so the game had to continue another turn.

In my play hand I drew Secret Bomb. You have no idea how happy I was. I still owned BBM, so I used that, and because Po Yu is a 5 value Dude, I made the pull for him and pulled a 9, acing him. This gave me 3 VP to 1 influence.

We decided to forever call this game Fineas's Revenge.
I'm your huckleberry!
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Joined: 26 Mar 2013
Posts: 27
Location: Manchester, UK

PostPosted: Sat May 04, 2013 7:25 pm    Post subject: Changes? Reply with quote

May I humbly suggest the following changes:

The starting dudes are fine, apart from J.Bailey - I've replaced him with Erik Zarkov xp. He makes your Ray Guns free, and never fails to make a weapon.

Dudes - same as yours, but for:
-1 6S Fineas Von Landingham xp
-1 6S Benny Hibbs
-1 5S Pierre Fontaine
-1 8S Julius Bailey (ie, only one)
+1 QS Suzy 309 xp
+1 10S Mad Dog Campbell
+1 8S Gordon Andrade xp (Two ready weapons - Ray Gun + Soul Blast Cannon?)
+1 9H Eric Zarkov xp

Increased the pull range here, and removed Awkward dudes.

KH Rocket Pack
QH x3 Ray Gun
JH x2 Prof. Parnham's Miracle Elixir
10H Chrono Accelerator
10H Infrared Spectacles
9H x2 Flamethrower
9H x2 New Science Magazine
8H x2 Soul Blast Cannon
8H Electrostatic Pump Gun

Again, Increased pulls here - I dont have all the cards I'd like, so feel free to tweak as you see fit.
The extra Ray Guns are there both for value and Zarkov.


4D One Eyed Ike's Weapon Locker
3D New Town Hall
5D Sam's General Store
8D Pony Express
10D Blacksmith

Just a tweak - Blacksmith and One eyed are thematically sound; +4 for 4 cost, and a reduction in weapon cost is handy - since the only reason you're playing Strikes is to make money.

Same, other than I removed the 6's to go to J's - Arson's amazing, but the Soul Blast Cannons need 9s - so just upped it for that reason.
Changed 1 Eureka's Rage - they're great, but they do ace themselves now, and as you're looking for a straight flush, and only have 5 values, you can't afford to lose two of them.

They're only slight tweaks, but your card pool might dictate a different path.
Hope you like it!
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