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missing some cards for a few CCGs

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 01, 2014 5:27 pm    Post subject: missing some cards for a few CCGs Reply with quote


I am trying to achieve some of my CCG collections.
I have many spares to trade or cross-trade.
My wants are:

Drifter's Nexus DN Captain South America Rare
Drifter's Nexus DN Gateway To Mystfall Rare
Drifter's Nexus DN Ministry of Tax Collection Rare
Drifter's Nexus DN Randy Creek Regulars Rare
Drifter's Nexus DN Rosetta Stone Rare
Drifter's Nexus DN Tablet of Ancathus Rare
Limited LIM Babes ( misprinted back ) Special
Limited LIM Fire Elemental (no "element") Rare
Limited LIM Rouge Specter with red text Unco
Necropolis Park NP Eisnmir, Master of Posessions (omega both sides) Common
Necropolis Park NP Rachur, Field Marshal Unco
Promo Prom Druk Special
Revised REV Babes ( misprinted back ) Special
Revised REV Bone Shambler (0) Rare
Revised REV Rivers and Lakes ( little blue and blurred ) Special
Revised REV Thak, Steady Hand / terrain Woods Special
Special Spe Blank card with Guardians Logo Special

Against the Shadow AS Eärcaraxë Roused Rare
The Lidless Eye LE Old Prejudice Rare
The Lidless Eye LE Stay Her Appetite Rare
The Wizards TW Sacrifice of Form Rare

New Aeon NA An Unexpected Calamity Rare
New Aeon NA Bibliophobia Rare
New Aeon NA Black Belt Rare
New Aeon NA G.G. D'Arn Rare
New Aeon NA Space Suit Rare

Netrunner CCG:
Silent impact 2.0 misc.for-sale Promo

Equinox EQ Acid Bane Rare
Equinox EQ Alexandra Rasputin Rare
Equinox EQ Ashen Taylor Ultra rare
Equinox EQ Claws-of-Clay Rare
Equinox EQ Darmoth Moorswalker Rare
Equinox EQ Death Dust Unco
Equinox EQ Fang the Far-Sighted Rare
Equinox EQ Hunts-without-Lobes Rare
Equinox EQ Ivor Brice Rare
Equinox EQ Kathy Williams Ultra rare
Equinox EQ Kimmie the Blackjack Dealer Rare
Equinox EQ Lady Canvas Rare
Equinox EQ Leader of the Pack Rare
Equinox EQ Luna's Avenger Unco
Equinox EQ Metis to Society Unco
Equinox EQ Nicah Sunset Rare
Equinox EQ Onset of Harano Rare
Equinox EQ Puma Angryheart Rare
Equinox EQ Sheryl Ultra rare
Equinox EQ Silent Stan Rare
Equinox EQ Stumpy McGee Rare
Equinox EQ Take the Pain Unco
Equinox EQ Tara Malesbane Rare
Equinox EQ Tina Clear-Skull Rare
Equinox EQ Ulf Hammarskald Rare
Equinox EQ Unbalance Rare
Equinox EQ Uncontrollable Fury Rare
Equinox EQ Whispering Wind Rare
Equinox EQ Words-of-Fury Rare
Legacy of the Tribes LEG Rheya Wrath-of-Heaven Ultra rare
Lim/Unlim LIM white howler in snowstorm Promo
Phase 6 P6 Bane Flies Ultra rare
Phase 6 P6 High Squeal Ultra rare
Promo Apocalypse PR Arkady Promo
Promo Apocalypse PR Bryony McLeod Promo
Promo Apocalypse PR Kinfolk Shaman Promo
Promo Apocalypse PR Morozhki Promo
Promo Apocalypse PR Plaintive Jaggling Promo
Promo Apocalypse PR Pure Breeding Promo
Promo Apocalypse PR Quest of Spirit Promo
Promo Apocalypse PR Scourging the Wyrm Promo
Promo Apocalypse PR Shadow Walker Promo
Promo Apocalypse PR Sower of Thunder Promo
Promo Apocalypse PR Stand like a Fool Promo
Promo Apocalypse PR Wanchese's Bow Promo
Promo Apocalypse PR War of Attrition Promo
Promo Tribal wars PR Griff Murphy (With Crinos) Promo
The War of the Amazon WAR Conquistador's Sword Ultra rare
The War of the Amazon WAR Stand like a Fool Rare

Auto Self Destruct 241 Rare
Fire Slugs 299 Promo
Gorgon 24 Ultra Rare
Intrepid 299 Promo
Maelstrom 96 Rare
Manticore 132 Rare
Metalica 30 Ultra Rare
Neutron Charge 224 Rare
Phantom 49 Promo
Rogue Warriors 299 Promo
Southern Cross 150 Rare

2020 2020 Biotechnica 300 Undefined
2020 2020 FN-RAL Heavy Assault 71 Rare
2020 2020 Militech 301 Undefined
2020 2020 N.C.P.D. 302 Undefined
2020 2020 The Mob 303 Undefined
2020 2020 The Nomads 304 Undefined
2020 2020 Your Friendly Local Gangs 305 Undefined

And Doomtown, Warcry, Warlord SotS, 7th sea, Blood wars, Heresy, Legend of the burning sands (The Awkening only), The Wheel of time, ...

Feel free to ask if you think a trade is possible
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