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Joined: 09 Feb 2008
Posts: 35
Location: Pittsburgh

PostPosted: Tue Feb 12, 2008 6:24 am    Post subject: Nic-Bomb Reply with quote

Whateleys - Black Circle

*2) Widow Withers
*K) Nicodemus Whateley exp2

4) Stoker's Sabre
10) Coleman's Badge
10) Hoyle's Book, 1769 Ed.

3) Coleman Is Killed!

A) Mark of Death
2) Mark of Pestilence
2) Soul Blast x3
3) Banish
3) Texas Twister
4) Bolts O' Doom x4
4) Dark Protection x2
4) Shadow Man
5) Cardsharp x3
5) Shadow Walk x2
6) Phantom Fingers x2
7) Looking Glass
7) Suzy Goes Berserk
7) Sympathy For the Devil x2
8) Brimstone
8) Fleeting Memories
9) Puppet
10) Mirror, Mirror
Q) Corporeal Twist
K) Kentucky Windage
K) Nightmare Realm

7) Puny Mortals! x3
9) Divided Loyalties
10) "What's That Ticking?"
J) Rumors
Q) Claim Jumper
K) Ignore 'Im

J) Look Homeward Mine
J) Pike's Puddle Mine
Q) Harlot's Haven Strike
Q) Thunder Gulch Strike
K) Foale's Folly
K) Henry's Hole

So a few years back one of the card/comic shops I used to frequent started giving away Doomtown cards with every purchase my buddies and I made. Since the game was dead even back then and the most we had to go on was the mini rules sheet in the 2-player box, it took us a while to figure it all out. We developed our own environment "bubble" completely free of net-decks or any understanding of the tourney scene (something akin to the ccg version of the crazy languages twins develop amongst themselves). This deck was built by one of those buddies.

Not only was it the defining deck for our micro-environment, but it gave rise to the trend of building a deck that started with/revolved around a K-value dude. Simply stated, Nic is a beast. You keep him alive and bad things happen to the other players. Keep the game going with Puny Mortals! on your constant spell pulls and win with the help of the VPs from Sympathy.

As with my Jack's deck, any thoughts, comments or random insults (which I will dutifully pass on to the deck's creator) would be much appreciated.
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Joined: 18 Jan 2008
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 12, 2008 10:11 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

o_O I only see 2 things that hit my eye right away. Starting with nick and widows and no other dudes to get, might put ureseld into a bad position when Mountain Lion Hanging Judge/Kidnapping come after you. I dont quit see how you want to win, but some spells are for boosting nick. Many of them have low value, wich could make u miss some pulls. Since you playing with very little cp I guess you go out to mark or shoot down enemy inf.

The Problem is, even if u have the best shooter, but when he is alone sometimes enemy jsut comes up with the same hand, rank and he feeds u victor navaro against ure nick. fair trade Smile And the enemy can cheat as much on you as he wants. Smile While I do like nick2, consider sou start with 6 gr left and nothing you gain. Well your deck might win alot of lowballs, and you mostly have spells that are free, its to inconsistent. Maybee If you wanna keep this kind of deck, add some eureka's Rage to refill your ahnds with fresh spells. Because your goal must be to fill nic with alot of spells, and crush the enemy before he can build up.

What is the event for?

REMEMBER you can only cancel ONE action each turn.

BTW the thing I really like about BC/NIC2 decks is, that I can add alot of situational spells, and they are allways some use at least. Smile

Id consist you wanna start with jebediah xp and put in nick for a later draw. Add silas peacecock for cheap inf, and switch widows for basil whatheley. You still start with 5 influence but spread on 3 dudes wich is allways better, and you gain full upkeep. And you still got room for some drifter. Might wanna add mr. bones or bob bildwell xp(u msut be able to play ure hand free eassily then use him). So much about the starters.

Drop the event/coleman's badge and strokres sabre (way to expensive and bad value). Have a better look at your low value spells. Add the Erueka's Rage, drop some spells till you back to 52 cards. you still have your deck on small dudes. mean all ure starters plus nick in deck.

Maybee read some of the articls in general strategies about starting dudes. I used once a deck where I started with ghost xp, and I had to boot him every turn for money. Sad
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