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Black Circle

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Nathaniel Whateley

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 30, 2007 5:00 am    Post subject: Black Circle Reply with quote

Whateleys: Black Circle

5S - Karl Rundgren
7S - Astoreth Whateley
9S - Basil Whateley
10S - Jebediah Whateley Exp.

6S - Enoch Whateley
JS - The Drifter
JS - The Unknown Hooded Figure
KS - Nicodemus Whateley Exp.2
KS - Wilhelmina Whateley Exp.

2D - Den of Eastern Delights
3D - New Town Hall
5D - Barkum & Barkum Attorneys
10D - Vigilance Ranch
JD - Bat's Breath Mine

7C - Move Along
7C - Run Outta Town
8C - Jackalope Stampede x2
8C - Sheriff's Watchin'
8C - "What This Town Needs is..."
9C - Shortcut
9C - Snake Eyes x2
10C - Friends in Low Places
10C - Get a Rope
10C - Reserves
JC - Hired Help
JC - Shallow Grave
JC - Who Are You, Again?
QC - Claim Jumper x2
KC - Flight of Angels
KC - The Fear

KH - Speakin' With The Dead x2

AH - Nicodemus' Deck
AH - Pembroke's Analysis of Hoyle

2H - Soul Blast x2
4H - Dark Protection
4H - Shadow Man x3
5H - Cardsharp
5H - Shadow Walk x2
9H - Puppet x3
10H - Blood Curse x2
QH - Unearthly Beacon

Fool's Joker x2

As a foreword, keep in mind I haven't actually been able to play in several years. These are simply decks I found, still intact and what I remember (or think I remember!) of how they played.

This deck takes tremendous advantage of the Whateley Black Circle home plus the experienced Jebediah Whateley. Loaded with hexes and the occasional goods he is a tough nut to crack in the stall game. Basil supports him nicely from home, booting clear up to nine-value dudes with only average pulls.

Deeds are very straight forward, favoring your stall approach and utility places like the Den as well as hard-to-hold spots like Bat's Breath and Vigilance Ranch. Drop New Town Hall and start accumulating victory points for it, using a well-hexed Huckster to defend the spot.

As with any spell-intensive deck some of your best hearts are very low value, meaning you will want to thin them out before you try shootouts and crucial pulls.

Hilarity ensues when you bring Enoch in along side a decent Huckster plus Puppet. Start snatching up opposing dudes (preferably the mid-range, low-influence stud shooters) and start calling people out. Enoch eats up anyone who survives and can become quite the threat himself.

While never a strong shootout deck you can disintegrate into some decent high-value hands, but you really want to try and stay out of unnecessary fights. A lot of cheatin' cards really threaten shooter decks that like to or need to cheat (especially in lowball). Who Are You, Again? suddenly turns Puppets and killer Soul Blasts into very real possibilities.
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