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Strike down the enemy

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 02, 2008 4:07 pm    Post subject: Strike down the enemy Reply with quote


Sweetrock : Western Corporate Office


* 2 - Sandra Harris
* 2 - Cassidy Green
* 6 - Robert Northrop
* 8 - Max Baine

* 4 - Lucky Horseshoe Lode

Get Robert out to the Lucky Horseshoe first turn you will need the Ghostrock. The rest are for influence and thier basic abilities that can come in handy.

2 Regular Jokers

Deeds and Improvements

* A - Bleeding Vein x2
* A - Candy Shop
* A - The Perch
* 2 - Den of Eastern Delights
* 2 - Red Hill Hotel
* 3 - Horse Racetrack
* 4 - LAD Saloon
* 5 - Seventh-Sign Strike
* 5 - Iron Gate
* 7 - Sheriff's Shaft
* J - Pike's Puddle Mine
* J - San Simeon Mine
* Q - Gypsy's Tent
* K - Foale's Folly

The Bleeding Vein is one of the keys to this deck, therefore I included two copies to help the chances of getting it out as soon as possible. The goal is to keep sending your opponents dudes to Bleeding Vein and keeping them trapped there. The Iron Gate is there to hamper those pesky Maze Rats who consider strike adjacent to thier home, therefore they have to boot to go there anyways. Seventh-Sign is another main stay of this deck with its dude acing ability. The rest of the deeds offer up thier basic abilities or are just in there for the ghost rock gain.


* A - Blueprints
* 5 - Dust Devil x2
* 8 - Mesa Checkpoint
* 8 - What this town needs is...
* 9 - Divided Loyalties
* 9 - No Funny Stuff
* 10 - Lost in the Badlands x4
* 10 - Cup of Joe
* J - Who are you, again x3
* Q - Sauce for the gander x2

Mesa Checkpoint and Cup of Joe are in there to help Robert Northrop ex unboot once he winds up at Bleeding Vein saving it with his ability. Divided Loyalties help you gain control of dudes and send them out to the strikes. Lost in the badlands is what makes a lot of this deck work, getting the dudes to your strikes. Who are you, again is to make some aces for the Seventh-Sign strike to take care of. Sauce for the Gander is to help protect you in the case of pulling a cheatin' hand. The rest are for basic abilities and are pretty obvious.

Events and Goods

* 5 - Full Moon x4
* 7 - Harvest Moon x3
* K - Mr. Prim's Bust

Full Moons are to take control of the opponents dudes and get them to the strikes. The Harvest Moons are in there to help get the cards you need early on. The bust is for the influence bonus.


* 4 - Adrian Townsend
* 5 - Scott Pierce
* 6 - Charity
* 7 - Byron St. James
* 7 - Robert Northrop ex
* Q - Max Baine ex 2
* J - Jim Macneil
* K - Howard Findley

Send Charity out to the Bleeding Vein when you have a Mesa Checkpoint of Cup of Joe in your hand, unboot her with it then draw out anybody in townsquare to the strike. Robert Northrop ex is in there for his strike saving ability. Max Baine ex2 is in there for the influence bonus and value boost. You can build up a lot of influence with these few dudes in play with Mr. Prim's Bust. Potential total with Robert not at home is 32, or 33 with Scott Pierce using his ability on one of your own dudes, plus two more if for some reason Robert is home bringing it to 35 with only 10 dudes.

Basically you try to win the game with your strikes either by trapping them or acing them. Once there aren't enough to hold their controllers deeds you walk yours over and start taking control. Other options include swapping out a strike for the Dragons Nest Strike but I suggest holding on to it and playing until after Max Baine ex2 is out to raise you dude's values so you don't accidently ace any of them. The deck is geared to be semi-effective in a shootout with the ability to pull a straight flush using your clubs but stay clear of it because the chances are pretty slim unless your draw pile is also slim as well. In the event it does happen though you still have No Funny Stuff, a good selection of cheatin' cards and a couple Studs in your deck to help you out.
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