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War Path

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 02, 2008 7:38 pm    Post subject: War Path Reply with quote

Benjamin Nightsinger
Cassidy Greene
Eagle Rock

Elizabeth King
Ian Spencer-Whitney
Joseph Eyes-Like-Rain
Little Mountain
Red Crow
Singing Feather
Whiskey Nick
Wise Cloud

The Alright Corral
Barkum & Barkum Attorneys
Casino Morongo
Grenn-Eye Saloon
Ignacio's Exotics
Miss Coutreau's
Old Moon Saloon
One Eyed Ike's Weapons Locker
Perry's Pawnshop
Pony Express
Red Hill Hotel

Burn 'Em Down
Fanning The Hammer
His Back Was To Me x2
Hot Lead Flyin'
Refuse To Fall
Snakebite x2
Take Ya With Me x2
Tattoo x2


Bow and Arrow
Sacred Tomahawk x3
Winchester Rifle

Medicine x2
Strength Of The Bear

This is a basic starting shootout deck, pulled together from a Sioux Union starter and a few saddlebags. It reflects my current play environment, which is somewhat heavy with Maze Rats. In general this deck should play favorably, with added performance against Maze Rats and Terror-heavy decks, but it is not tournament quality.

Your starting Gang is set up with three influence and a three stud for early defense. Your starting money, even if you lose lowball, is enough to bring out all but one of your deeds. There are no strikes in this deck, which is helpful against the Rats, but can slow it down a bit. Luckily, a third of your cards are zero cost, with another third costing less than your home's production. Between the corral and Ignacio's, most of your goods are free or cost only one. The deck has a total of nine control (all close to home) and nine influence, which should be sufficient for victory.

Eureka will give you a hand size that will favor holding shootout actions and reactions for later. Earthquake is also handy for slowing down most decks, especially Sweetrock and the Rats. Most of the actions and goods focus on getting you to the fight unbooted and winning once your there, one way or the other. The Sioux have been lambasted quite a bit as not the best shooters, but this deck should clear the street fairly well. With an emphasis on winning even when you lose, most opponents will think twice before throwin' down. Your outfit ability, and that of Joseph Eyes-Like-Rain, make it easier to manipulate your deck for the cards you will need to succeed.

If you are having trouble with your shootouts, consider replacing the Snakebites with Pearl-Handled Revolvers to make your shooters more potent. Also, replacing Fanning The Hammer with another Burn 'Em Down will make all of your actions zero cost and increase your odds of winning.
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