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Whateleys EF: Tango of Terror

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PostPosted: Sat May 03, 2008 11:24 am    Post subject: Whateleys EF: Tango of Terror Reply with quote

After a lot of Wroking on it and alot of help from various persons Im finally satisfied with my Whateley Deck. The Whateleys, prolly not the strongest faction in the game has maybee as most powerfull ARsenal puppet/enoch, but that combo does work better with the other 2 outfits.

I allways thought that the Terror Reducing is more important than the cp's you get for free, since fear level starts at 5 atm. That for I did only include a few fear level boosters, cause I rather go flood the field with my strong abominations, and use the few cp I have +some fear level to win. Lor grimley is 4-5 cp anyway, even If I do not get fear elvel to 10.

The key here is to get a strike first turn and place zombie MIners and Hoodoo on it. Wilhemina will switch sooner or later for xp. When u got a Madmans secret of on her, her xp version will reduce herself to 1 gr upkeep and makes many of ure high upkeep abominations allmost free. Remebmer you may have to switch her in earlier, since the inxp version cant move out of town, so if you really need the out of town 3 inf, go switch her in earlier.

The rest is allmost easy. You got a strong set up of dudes and some imba deeds, to controll the field. Ezzie/kidnapping are here to stop Turtlers, and The Fear can be a gamewinner. Smile

All cards in green can be safly replaced.

Starters (5) (Copyright by ACME_Mike)
1 Astoreth Whateley
1 Hoodoo
1 Nebuchadnezzar
1 Wilhemina Whateley
1 Zombie Miners

This starting outfit is risky and effective. You start with 1 upkeep and 4 influence. GR left is 2. Wilhemina is a King wich makes her risky against LDS/IWAL but prevents your 3 inf from ezzie/run outta town, divided, puppet. She is mainly a stay at home dude for the start. Thanks to her Nebu can be easy 4 stud. Zombie Miners is here to get cash rolling, and Hoodoo to get easy inf/bullets, plus slow youroppenents Buildup.

The Eights (12)
1 "What This Town Needs Is..."
1 Jackelope Stampede
1 Kidnapping
1 Fleeing Memmories
1 Helpin' Hand
1 Brimstone
1 Cassandra
1 Moloch
1 Silas Peacock
1 Nick's Never Closes
1 Pocket Strike
1 Stagecoach Office

What this town needs is to fetch a heap strike in first turn if u get it, or to fetch a cp later to end it. Smile I first had ghost Train here, but I allready got many events, and every event more, risks that my Motherlode doesnt go off. Pocket Strike is in here to ensure a first turn strike, and stagecoach office for a cp and to get rid of garbage, or to just stay in the deck. Smile

The Tens (12)
1 Cup of Joe
1 Friends In Low Places
1 Get A Rope
3 Samhain
1 Ezzie
1 Jebediah Whateley
1 Mad Dog Campbell
1 Muddy Brown Strike
1 On The Side Strike
1 Vigilance Ranch

Instead of Mad Dog you can use Flim xp or Flam if you need more firepower. Or If you dont want to use eziie, replace her with one of those hellhounds. Cup of Joe is here for Hoodoo or Wilhemina mostly.

The Queens (12)
1 Claim Jumper
2 Sauce for the Gander
1 Anahuac Staff
2 Unearthly Beacon
1 Armytage the Damned
1 Terrormental
1 Unkown Hooded Figure xp
1 Drop in the Ocean Strike
1 Gypsy's Tent
1 Harlot's Haven Strike

Claim Jumper can come in handy with your starting Hoodoo. The Dudes here are your big arsenal. (In my RL deck I use VDHG xp instead of armytage, cause I dun have one). The goods are mostly for keeping the values in deck.

Other Cards (11)
2 Night Haunt Attack
1 The Fear
1 The Madman's Secret
1 The Mother Lode Is Found
1 Deadland
1 Lord Grimley's Manor xp
1 Dark Beast
1 Faminite
1 Lucifer Whateley xp
1 Wilhemina Whateley xp

2 Death Head Jokers

Feel free to exchange any dudes except Wilhemina Whateley for your personal Preference. Options are ehre (Wall Crawler/Animate Hand/Lilith....). Maybe you want Singing Feather against Harroweds, or a dark Beast. Do as You like. Another Option here is the Whateley Family Bible, wich can give u a nice boost for 0 gold.
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