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Whateleys EF: Tango of Terror v2.0

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Joined: 18 Jan 2008
Posts: 229

PostPosted: Mon Aug 25, 2008 10:22 am    Post subject: Whateleys EF: Tango of Terror v2.0 Reply with quote

More playtesting with my EF deck showed me, that the deck has a very risky early game and to many cards that only are some use for my starting dudes (Claim Jumper/Cup of Joe/Madmans Secret). And the start with only 2 GR and +1 upkeep was to slow.

All cards in green can be safly replaced.

Starters (5) (3 GR remaining / 6 Influence / +2 Production)
1 Basil Whateley
1 Jebediah Whateley xp
1 Nebuchadnezzar
1 Silas Peacock xp
1 Widow Withers

Starting with those dudes makes the deck way more flexible and less risky. 6 influence spread out to 4 characters wich can move anywhere, a possible cheap 3 stud and the possibillity of stopping key dudes like avarice/ezzie/Billy Iron Horse. I removed hoodoo/zombie miners/wilhemina and astoreth.

The Eights (13)
3 "What This Town Needs Is..."
1 Jackelope Stampede
1 Fleeting Memmories
1 Helpin' Hand
1 Brimstone

1 Becky Hendricks
1 Cassandra
1 Moloch
1 Fine China Shop
1 Nick's Never Closes
1 Stagecoach Office

Fine China Shop replace Pocket Strike, since I dont need an early strike that badly now, and fine china is cheap and can cycle back into deck. With some other changes wich can boost my CP more safly than before, I took out Kidnapping, since I dont wanna start agressive moves anymore. The spells can be replaced with whatever you like. I just say if u add events here, you should prolly take the motherlode out of the deck. Hearts are here to stay in the deck. Silas has been replaced with becky, because I start with him.

The Tens (12)
1 Friends In Low Places
1 Get A Rope
1 Reserves
3 Samhain
1 Ezzie
1 Nicodemus Whateley
1 Tzipporah Whateley (or xp version)
1 Hunter's Moon Strike
1 On The Side Strike
1 Vigilance Ranch

Muddy Brown went out for Hunter Moon, since I dont need that early strike and hunter moon provides cheap cp and production. On the side can be fetched in first turn with what this town needs if needed. Vigiliance is superb for any whateley deck. The 10s are mostly backup Inf/Huckster. Only use ezzie If u see she will be some use agianst his decks (check his values in draw hands/lowball/pulls). Reserves just ehre for cycling, since up of joe was not needed anymore. Get a Rope provides u with some small dude denial so does ezzie. Tzipporah xp is only 1 gr more expensive same upkeep but +1 huckster and +1 stud. Allthought her abillity is a bit wasted in this deck.

The Queens (10)
1 Get Off My Land
2 Sauce for the Gander
2 Unearthly Beacon
1 Armytage the Damned
1 Terrormental
1 Unkown Hooded Figure xp
1 Gypsy's Tent
1 The Cooper

Claim Jumper goes out since I dont use hoodoo anymore. Contains ure only fighting Cheating cards and ure powerhorses. Dont put out every single dude or else u get bad shooting hands. I reduced the counts of value here a bit for tweaking issues.

Other Cards (12)
2 Night Haunt Attack
1 The Mother Lode Is Found
1 Lost Horizon
1 Deadland
1 Den of Eastern Daylight
1 Lord Grimley's Manor xp
1 Stuffed to Gill Strike
1 Dark Beast
1 Faminite
1 Lucifer Whateley xp
1 Wilhemina Whateley xp

2 Death Head Jokers

Stuffed to Gills/Lost Horizon makes sure u can get ure cps, even when events dont fire. The 4 dudes are there for backup inf and mostly backup fighters. Deadland discounts ure terrors and den can be searched and denies events. Night Haunt Attack in combination with Basil is terrific. If you wanna balance the values more, take out one what this town needs and stuffed to gill. Add one Disrepair and one queen heart (doesnt matter wich). U can take motherlode out to add more events on queen heart or 8 heart. I found this most effective, but guess those can be replaced without changing to much on the deck. Ghost Train/Startin Over may be options for 8 hearts.
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Joined: 29 Jan 2008
Posts: 220

PostPosted: Tue Aug 26, 2008 3:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I hate to rain on your parade, but this looks incredibly suseptible to the environment skewing attentions of Ezzie, the Harrowed Harlot.

She ruins the best laid plans of us all.

Otherwise your value structure seems solid. 13 dudes seems like enough, although they are not cheap by anyone's accounting.
Richard Carter
Doomtown Undead Champion 2004, 2005, & 2011
Shambling US Champion 2012
Big fish in small ponds
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Joined: 18 Jan 2008
Posts: 229

PostPosted: Wed Aug 27, 2008 6:15 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Rain in as much as u want. U are right widows is free food, but silas the other lowest value survives ezzie, and basil can boot her when I win lowball. U think I should add a degen?(I dont like the card to much)

I think I rather have a problem getting enough shooting power.

What are ure suggestions? Smile
I was able to get nearly every card of doomtown meanwhile, so Im not bound to a small collection anymore.

Ure Maze Rat deck is soooooo evil and incredible strong, its unbelievable.

About the cost, I was thinking of replacing terrormental with J.P. coolman. With his 10 cost 7 upkeep discountet to 5 cost 2 upkeep for a 4 inf 3 stud seems very nice.
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