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Original Home - Terror Exterminators

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 16, 2010 3:02 pm    Post subject: Original Home - Terror Exterminators Reply with quote

I'm sure some of this is pretty standard with the original home, but maybe some of it is a little different and will give people ideas!

Original Home:
Benny Hibbs
Sister Mary Jebediah
Desmond Quentin
Light Stalker
Benjamin Dean

That's 15 GR, 2 Upkeep, leaving you with 1 after paying for lowball, 3 if you lose lowball.

4x Requiem
Sister Mary Jebediah EXP

Los Ojos Del Dios EXP
David Hope
The Crucible

Simon Lambeth
Vampiric Dance Hall Girl
The Drifter
Cort Williams

2x Snake Bite

Muddy Brown Strike
On the Side Strike
Shouting Tom's Tunnel
Penny Arcade

The Gaping Maw Strike
Pike's Puddle Mine
San Simeon Mine
Cracked Bone Strike

Hearts (Gadgets and Miricles)
4x Exorcism
4x Holy Roller
4x Electrostatic Pump Gun
2x Snake Handlin'
2x Bioengineering
4x Test of Faith
4x Inspiration

Obviously, get out Requiem as soon as possible and Bioengineer him. You can then send him around making people terrors, which lets you gain victory points from killing them, and lets you kill them easier with stuff like Exorcism and Cort Williams.

Benny Hibbs is just a back up Mad Scientist, with only 6 gadgets in the deck his ability isn't stella, but can be useful early game.

Benjamin Dean isn't too great, but is an expendable dude in a shootout (unless you need the 2 influence) but try and get the fear level down to 4 at least before letting him die to increase the chances of getting Inspiration to go off.

Test of Faith is a bit of a dodgy mircle in the deck, since there really arn't many low bullet high influence people.

Late game you'll kill dudes with Exorcism (dispite the fact your outfit doesn't give you VPs from it) as a "safe" option, and once numbers are thinned, Cort with a Pump Gun is a good option. Remember though keeping Cort as a backup may be a good idea, since he reduces terrors influence, meaning if they have few guys, turning them all into terrors and simply moving him to their location could give you a win.

Note though, this deck is quite slow...
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