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The Deadlands Dalmuti

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 23, 2013 11:16 am    Post subject: The Deadlands Dalmuti Reply with quote

Just a quick idea I had the other day and thought I'd share.

The Great Dalmuti is a traditional game that was re-purposed and released by Richard Garfield (He of Netrunner and Magic fame) by Wizards of the Coast.

For those that aren't aware of this great game, here's the BGG link:

If you've played before, skip ahead to "/rules"...


There are 1x 1's, 2x 2's, all the way to 13x 13's, plus two Jesters.

Premise is simple - you all start equal, and fight to finish 'tricks'. First person to empty their hand is next go's "Great Dalmuti". You then continue to empty your hands, and remember which order you did it in.

To play a trick, the person playing first may play any number of cards that have the same value - and the jesters are wild. So you could play 3x 13's, as a starter. The player next round has to play the same number of cards (ie 3x) of any value lower than this - eg 3x9's. Once no-one else can play more cards, you win the trick. If you win the trick, you go first in the next trick.

Game two - everyone stands up and shuffles round - except for the Great Dalmuti (GD) - he stays where he is. You all sit in order from him (2nd place finisher sits one to the right of the GD, 3rd two places, etc).
Deal all the cards, and now Tax happens - the person who finished last (The Lesser Peon [LP]) has to give his best two cards (lowest numbered) to the GD, while the GD can bin off any two cards down to the LP. The person who finished 2nd gets to receive 1 card from the person who finished 2nd from last, and the game starts again.

If any player gets both Jesters in their opening hand, the game stops and a revolution is declared - everyone stays where they are, but the person with both Jesters is now the GD, and the rest of the order is messed up too. I can't think how to put the description in to words, but roughly, the person 2nd round from the new dalmuti is now 2nd, etc.

Where this game really gets fun is that the lesser peon is the general dogsbody. If you want drinks, he has to get them - if you're halfway round the circle, you might talk up to the guy next to you, and down to the guy on the other side - etc.


Well, all that preamble out the way - I realised I had a lot of spare doomtown cards the other day - and have put together a Doomtown Dalmuti set - 1x Ace of Clubs, 2x 2 of Clubs, all the way up to 13x K of clubs. 2x Jokers are the jesters, obviously. I've done all the same card (7x Bad Tequila, anyone?), but if you were feeling clever, you could put 7 different 7 of clubs, since the original set has 7 different colours to help you remember how many, and which of those 7's has gone.

Makes a great set, and you can all talk like Cowboys from the old west while you play.

Should have come up with this about 3 weeks ago, then the guys at Gencon could have played it.
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