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FAQ: Mythos Frequently Asked Questions

updated 4th Nov 2001

Also see the Mythos Errata Page.

N.B. This FAQ is not yet officially endorsed by Chaosium, although I have asked them to do so. All the new questions and answers are taken directly from Shannon's answers on the Mythos mailing list, and so are official rulings by Chaosium. New entries are highlighted in blue.

Table of Contents

General Questions


Q. How do the deck construction rules apply to multiple cards with the same title?
A. Uniqueness rules are based solely upon card title. You may only have a total of four Mi-Go in your deck, though these may be Limited Edition Mi-Go, Standard Game Worker Mi-Go, Standard Game Soldier Mi-Go, or any combination thereof, to a total of four. This applies to all cards with the same title, even when they have different powers (other examples include Christchurch Cemetary, Deep Ones, Instability in the Mythos, Howard Lovecraft, and the Great Library of the Dreamlands).
If a card has a uniqueness dot, you may only have one of that specific card. However, if you have other cards of the same title without a uniqueness dot, you may also put three of them in your deck, for a total of four of the same card title (eg, you can have one DREAMLANDS Dhole and three LIMITED EDITION Dholes in the same deck).

Q. What happens if I am forced to discard or bury the only card or location in my story deck?
A. If you have to bury your only Travel or Location card there is no effect. If you have to discard it, you do so and revert to the starting condition of being Outside in the last region you visited, or Lovecraft Country if you have been nowhere yet.

Q. When I need to round, which way do I round?
A. Like regular math. For instance 1.5 would be 2.

Q. I have two locations with the same subregion name but differing Dimensions (e.g. Waking World New York and New Aeon New York). Are they considered the same or different subregions
A. Consider sub-regions in different dimensions different sub-regions

Q. Do the effects of epidemics cross dimensions? Will an investigator in New York New Aeon be effected by an epidemic played by an investigator in New York Lovecraft Era?
A. No (so no!)

Q: Can I examine the Spells in my Opponent's Tomes? Can I examine my Story Deck? Can I examine my opponent's Story Deck?
A: Yes in all cases. If a card is face-up on the table, any player can examine it at any time. This includes the investigator, tomes, spells, allies, adventure cards, the story deck, and the discard pile.

Q. If an Ally with a Spell gets moved to my Threat, can it still cast its Spell before combat? Likewise can both Defending and non-Defending Allies cast Spells?
A. Before combat, the Ally is a Monster in the Threat, and the Spell is face-down, so you can't cast it. However, once combat begins, both Defending and non-Defending Allies can cast spells, as

Q. Protection. I have an Ally that gives me Protection from Police Investigation...does that mean my opponent can't play Police Investigation, or just that he can play it but it has no effect?
A. He can't play it.

Starting the Game:

Q. When I start the game, do I have to start off walking to a Country location?
A. No. The first location played is going to be the start of your game and you may begin by playing it upright.

Q. Can I start the game in another Region or Dimension?
A. Yes, but you are assumed to be in Lovecraft Country until you play your first card.

Q. So does this mean I can start at any Location I like?
A. Not quite. You can begin at any Location that does not have a Travel Requirement.e.g. Far Side of the Moon

Q. And my Dimension is determined by the first Location card I play, correct?
A. Unfortunately, not quite. The first *CARD* you play establishes your presence in a dimension. That's usually a Location, but... if you play Discover Secret Cache followed by a New Aeon Artifact, or Surprise Meeting followed by a New Aeon Ally, that's just as legit, and locks you into that dimension.


Q. So, when walking we use the region of the location we just left and the public attributes of the location we're walking to??
A. Er... yes. Intuitive, eh?

Q. My investigator is currently at a Country location. I hold a duplicate of that location in my hand. If I want to play that location again, do I have to walk to it?
A. Yes


Q. I'm a bit confused with joining. When a card reads "Summon a ...Monster" that means only ONE Monster, right? Or can I join more than one?
A. In general, Monsters Join. However, some specific cards say ONE MONSTER which means no Joining. The important thing is to check the attributes of the card under it's title...if it says "One Monster", it means only one Monster.

Q. Can't remember but can Monsters coming out as allies join so I could put 3 Greys out as allies at once? I think I can but I want to be sure.
A. Yes

Q. Hmm, ok so does that mean I could join, say three Greys so that one gets to be an Ally and the other two go to my Threat?
A. Yes again.


Q. What happens to turn order if someone else becomes the lowest Sanity value through Spell casting or Artifact use during combat?
A. Combat turn order remains the same from assigning threats through using Spells and Artifacts. If there is a new lowest Sanity for the start of the Cosmic Battle the turn order begins with that player and continues as normal until combat ends.

Q. Can allies with enchanted weapons join a threat even if a threat does not exist prior to the commit allies phase?
A. Yes.

Q: If I use Create Gate during the combat phase can I create a new directed threat? Can I form a new directed threat when I add an Ally to the Threat with an Enchanted Weapon?
A: Yes to both.

Q: Does this mean that my opponent gets a new opportunity to block against that threat with Allies?
A: No. The Allies defending phase is already past. However, you can use your allies to block against an opponent even if he does not have Monsters directed against you. This is a good idea if you think he will later attack you with enchanted weapon bearing allies, or a Monster brought through a created gate.

Q: Is there a Spell/Artifact phase at the end of the round even if there are no Monsters?
A: Yes.

Q. If a defending ally gets buried in combat against a discarding Monster, such as a Nightgaunt, is it eligible to be discarded as part of the Nightgaunts special power? (ie is burying done before or after monster special effects?)
A. Yes. If you look at the turn sequence, you resolve the combat, but just mark stuff to be buried, then you resolve Monster effects, then you bury everything (something that I know is confusing, but...)

Adventure Cards:

Q. If my Adventure card requires me to have a Phobia, and I currently have one played on me, does it count for my Adventure?
A. No. For a Phobia to count in your Adventure you must have been the one to play it. It can be affecting another player or in your story deck to count.

Q. My Adventure card needs a Corrupt Ally and I have a Tommy Gun on a Steadfast Ally. Does that Ally count for my Adventure?
A. Yes, but if that Ally is buried in your story deck it reverts to a Steadfast Ally and will no longer count toward that Adventure.

Q. If an Adventure card requires a Private Eye, will a Detective work too?
A. No. Adventure card requirements are specific and must be matched as written.

Q. Do monsters count for adventures if they are named in the adventure and are in play as an ally? e.g. will Dagon, Hydra, Shoggoth and multiple Deep Ones dropped as allies a la Kitab count for the Assault On Y'ha-nthlei?
A. Yes. In your example, that adventure just calls for card titles, and doesn't mention the phrase "Monster".

Q. My question is, once an adventure card has been played, does it matter if a changed card used in that adventure reverts back to its original state?
A. No, it doesn't matter. The restrictions regard only the requirements to Play a card, not to keep it In Play once it has been played.

Q. When an adventure says two different locations e.g., The Auction, The Interesting Shop, etc.) can they be two separate copies of the same location (i.e., the Auction House), or do they have to actually be two distinct locations (e.g. an Auction House and Dr. Freud's Office)?
A. 2 Locations -- can be the two copies of the same card. 2 Different Locations -- must be two different cards.

Q. Some of the early adventures are a bit confusing as to what I need to complete them - is this information available anywhere?
A. Yep, it just so happens you can find it at\Mythos Adventure Summary.htm

Ally Cards:

Q. When a Cultist is summoned into a threat, do cards that affect Allies still work on it? How about if an Ally with an Enchanted Weapon joins the threat?
A. In both cases cards which affect Allies no longer work. Once an Ally has joined a threat for whatever reason, it is considered a Monster for all game purposes until it is buried or discarded.

Q. If my Ally with an Enchanted Weapon joins my threat it can block invisible Monsters. What about if it is just a defending Ally?
A. Defending Allies with Enchanted Weapons can block Invisible Monsters.

Q. Some Allies are Living Dead. What abilities does this give them?
A. If it is a Cultist, it can Join with other Living Dead that allow Joining with Living Dead when summoned at a Gate. It also means when they are in the threat for whatever reason they count as Living Dead Monsters for all card effects.

Q. Allies with the command ability that raise the value of other Steadfast Allies are not cumulative, but since the Ally giving that effect is not raised, is it affected by any other Allies with the same ability?
A. Yes. If you have two Allies with the command ability all Steadfast Allies are raised by 1 point, including the two commanding Allies.

Q. Can I place a Waking World Corrupt Cultist in my Threat at a New Aeon gate?
A. No. It doesn't matter if your playing a Corrupt Cultist to a Threat or your Ally area -- you still have to be able to legally play it


Q. Some cards such as the Mi-Go remove Artifacts from your opponent. However, Weapon Artifacts are connected to their Allies and act as one card. Is it still possible to steal them?
A. Yes. Weapons are connected to Allies, but they are still affected by all cards that affect Artifacts.

Q: Can I use the powers of cards like Crawford Tilinghast or Miss Anna Tilton to play Exotic Location Artifacts?
A: No. These powers simply allow you to play an Artifact somewhere without the Artifact attribute.


Q. I know if I have a Storm in play and a Day or Night event is played my Storm is buried, but what about if another Storm is played?
A. If another Storm is played your Storm remains in play. It is possible for many Storms to be in play at one time.

Q. Can I change my mind once I have already played a Travel card?
A. Yes. The new V5.0 Rules allow you to discard a Travel Card and replace it with a sideways Location.

Q: Can I play an event even if I don't have a legitimate target? That is: can I play Thieves in the Attic even if my opponent doesn't have Artifacts; can I play Governmental Coverup even if my opponent doesn't have an Event in his Story Deck; and can I play Angry Zoogs even if my opponent isn't in the Dreamlands?
A: In all cases, no. Events that have instant effects must always have a legitimate target.

Q. Ok, let's say I've played a Travel Event, and again I want to change my mind. Can I play another Travel Event instead of a location card?
A. No. The rules only allow use of a crosswise location for replacement.


Q. Many of the cards (such as Sanitariums and Churches) say you may remain one turn and remove a phobia. Is it possible to remain more than one turn to remove an additional phobia?
A. Yes. For every turn you spend waiting where you can remove a phobia you may use your play to remove one phobia.

Q. If I have played a new location card cross-wise on my story deck to indicate I am walking to it, can I use it to play an Adventure card?
A. No. A story deck card is not considered in play until it is right-side up. Additionally, the Sanity gain of the card is not made until the card is right-side up as well.

Q. Some Sanitariums require you to spend an additional turn in therapy. Can you do anything during this turn?
A. No. You lose your play for your next turn, even if your next turn is in the next round.

Q. Can I go from the same Location right back to itself? Does this allow me to use the gate again?
A: Yes. Yes. It works just as if you were playing any other Location card. In the city, play it right-side-up. In the country, walk there. If it's an island, take a boat.


Q. If I use a Gate to summon a Great Old One or Outer God to my threat, can I use the same Gate later to summon a regular monster?
A. No. Great Old Ones and Outer Gods are Monster cards, and each gate can only be used once to summon a Monster unless another card supercedes this.

Q. If 1 Point of Sanity loss from my Mi-Go goes through to the Allies/Investigator, does it count as surviving and steal an Artifact?
A. Yes. Monsters are assumed to survive unless they lose all their value and are buried.

Q. If no day/night events are in play it is considered to be day, correct? If this is so, then do monsters that receive benefits during the day gain these bonus's i.e Dark young, Fire Vampires?

Q. Monsters played as allies lose their special effects box. What happens when a monster is first played as an ally, and later is placed in the Threat? Does it revert back to all of its monster attributes, including the special effects box?
Yes, special ability section of cards work when the card returns to its original type


Q. Can I have more than one copy of the same Spell in the same Tome?
A. Yes, as long as you do not exceed the total Spell capacity of the Tome printed in the upper left hand corner.

Q: Can I cast a spell even if I don't have a legitimate target? That is: can I cast Wave of Oblivion even if my opponent doesn't have a Location; can I cast Petrify even if my opponent doesn't have an Ally; and can I cast Deflection even if my opponent hasn't cast a Spell?
A: In all cases, no. Spells that have instant effects must always have a legitimate target.

Q: Can I use a Summon/Control spell to Summon Joined Monsters?
A: No. You can only Summon/Control one card.

Q. I'm a little bit confused about summoning monsters with spells! If I summon a beastie using Circles of Thaol etc to either attack an opponent or use a travel ability, do I have to use a gate or not?
A. Summon/Control spells do not require a gate.


Q: Can I use the powers of cards like Tukor or Laban Shrewsbury to play Exotic Location Tomes? How about Tomes in languages I don't know?
A: No. These powers simply allow you to play a Tome somewhere without the Tome attribute.

Q. I have the Cultes Des Goules and the Unaussprechlichen Kulten in play, both of which give a bonus to Living Dead in my threat? Are the bonuses cumulative?
A. No. The cumulative rules in the rulesbook state you can only get a bonus once from each card subtype (i.e. once from untyped Tomes).

Mythos: New Aeon Specific Questions


Dark Horse
Q. This lists a 747 in the adventure description, but it is not in bold print. Doe the Dark Horse adventure require the 747 Event?
A.'s not in bold.

Day the Sun Stood Still
Q. Does the Zanthu Tablets: A Conjectural Translation meet the adventure requirements of the Zanthu Tablets?
A. No. In the same way that the Necronomicon: Dee Edition does not meet the reqs for Dunwich Horror, you can't use portions of card titles for adventure requirements.

Look to the Future
Q: This has a requirement for a New Aeon Ally. Tesla and Jung can be played in either the Waking World or New Aeon, so do I need to keep track of which dimension I am in when playing them, or do I have the choice of counting them as NA or WW when playing the adventure card?

A. More precisely, a New Aeon ally is: an Ally featuring the New Aeon Dimensionsal Indicator. Where/when it was played is irrelevent.


Alex Cordry
Q: I assume you still have to be in New York to bring him into play even though he joins any ally.
A: Yes. Joining never allows you to play an illegal card


Cthulhu Statuette
Q. Because the card does not say "flip when used" may I use the Cthulhu Statuette multiple times in the same Combat, limited only by my Sanity?
A. Yes.

Laptop Computer
Q. Is it legal to play Laptop Computer, The Internet, and a spell all together as one turn?
A. I think I'm going to say Yes. It goes against our standard rules about Joining but makes a whole bunch of sense.

Q. When the Tank is committed to defend and placed in the Ally area, then it is subject to all spells that affect Allies, yes?
A. Yes.


Crop Circles
Q: Is it possible to bring in a GOO with Crop circles, if you are at a location without a gate, but have the proper requirements to play the GOO?
A: Since the purpose of Crop Circles is to negate the GATE requirement for playing monsters, it seems fair to use it this way. As long as the other GOO requirements are still met.

Blink of an Eye
Q: Can I do other things besides playing a card, such as cast a spell, or arrive at a Location I was walking to?
A: Nope. As the card says, you need to play another card.

Frivolous Lawsuit
Q. I was playing with this and I notice that it gets rid of a card in play that was used to complete the adventure. Does this mean that it negates the adventure that was just played?
A. The adventure is still completed, it just prevents your opponent for stacking that card for his *next* adventure.

Prophecies of Nostradamus
Q: Using the special ability of the Prophecies of Nostradamus, is it possible to play New Aeon threat events? Technically they're (NA) monsters until revealed, or are they considered an event?
A: Threat Events are Events when you play them and don't become Monsters until they hit the Threat. So yes!

Serial Killer
Q: My opponent has just used a card effect to move to a different Dimension...does the Serial Killer stay or go?
A: The Serial Killer Event goes away, because you're hitting a new region

Yithian Psychic Possession
Q: In a recent game one player set off on a UFO and Robin then played Yithian Psychic Possession on that player's only Grey. We said this was fine since to play the UFO a Grey is a prerequisite. but the affected player said no since it was not an ability writen on the Grey.
A: YPP card needs to be interpreted as: you are using an Ally's abilities if you could not have played a card/taken an action/etc if that Ally was not in play. Fairly simple. In this case, yes the Grey is clearly YPP-able.


Diabolical Cultist
Q. Can he SUMMON GREAT CTHULHU without playing an adventure first that states he is a member of a secret society? It states quite clearly that he is already a member.

A. No. (It actually doesn't say he's a member of a Secret Society. It says he's a member of the Silver Twilight... the magic "Secret Society" words don't appear anywhere on the card.)


Q. Are the New Aeon Catskills Subregion classed as the same Subregion as the Limited Edition Catskill Mountains Subregion (for adventures, Time Machine)?
A. Assume they're the same; it's what was intended

J. Edgar Hoover Building
Q. I can't play an Ally from the Past at this location, right?

A. Actually, the J. Edgar Hoover Building just says you can play "any one Corrupt Cultist from any Dimension". It doesn't place any other restrictions. I'd have to say you can play Corrupt Cultists from the past. It's a darned easy way to play those Allies from the past, but... shrug... it's about time someone could use them.

DBZ Spacelab
Q. Can you breath in space while walking between DBZ Spacelab and Tycho Base?
A. Yes. You have to have a Special Effect Box that tells you you can't breath, and you don't have any while walking.

Q. Once I leave Yuggoth, and it is no longer the top card of my story deck, what Dimension is it in?

A. Once in the Story Deck (not on top) it reverts to Waking World


Q: Will Father Dagon/Mother Hydra/Deep One join with a Shoggoth Lord? It is a shoggoth after all.
A: Sorry, it's not a Shoggoth, it's a Shoggoth Lord, so it doesn't join.


Darkness of the Void
Q. When this is cast and placed in the Events area, it becomes a Night Event capable of fulfilling adventure requirements that call for a Night Event, yes?
A. Yes.

Song of the Stellar Larvae
Q: I wanted to play this during the Cast Spell/Use Artifact phase of combat, but my opponent pointed out that Summon Spells cannot be used in combat. Who is right?
A: Your opponent is mostly right: you can't use any Summon spell during combat. You are somewhat right: Song of the Stellar Larvae isn't a Summon spell, and thus can be played.

Mythos: The Dreamlands Specific Questions



Q: What happens to my Dreamlands Allies when I travel to the Waking World? How about vice-versa?
A: Nothing happens to them. They stay in play as Allies. The Dimensional Indicator only limits what cards you can play. It has no effect on those cards once they are in play.

Captain of the White Ship
Q. Does the Captain allow you to ignore travel requirements when taking the White Ship to ANY location, or merely exotic ones? i.e. with the Captain in play can I sail the White Ship to non-water locations in any dimension?
A. No. Only Exotic Locations are forgiven the travel & water reqs

King of Ilek-Vad
Q. If I have two or more Randolph Carter cards in play (thanks to New Aeon cards) when I bring the King of Ilek-Vad into play, how many Randolphs do I have to bury?
A. Just one.

Q: Can I bury Tukor, and at the same time use one of his languages to bring out a Tome?

A: Yes.


Crystal Sword
Q: With regard to the Sword, when exactly are you opposing Assaulting or Defending Allies?
A: Typically you don't oppose an Ally until the Allies Defend phase of combat. To be more technical, you are opposing an Ally the second you are in a position to inflict direct damage upon that person. Thus, if you have a Crystal Sword in your threat, after the cosmic battle is over, and you procede to the Allies Defend phase, you are now being opposed by Defending Allies. Likewise, you are opposing Assaulting Allies the second you (and they) are added to the Threat, also in the Allies Defend phase.

Silver Key, The
Q. Is it possible to use a Silver Key at a gate that was already used to play monsters
A. No. The Silver Key requires you to USE a GATE. So both it and summoning monsters USE gates. You can't use a used GATE. This gets kind of confusing.


Cats of Ulthar
Q: The Cats of Ulthar let you play a Location "regardless of Travel requirements". What exactly does this mean?
A: If you must play a certain Location or Travel Event before playing another Location, that is a Travel requirement. It's the card that has to be at the top of your Story Deck before you can play that new Location. Examples of Locations with Travel requirements include Serannian, which requires you to Travel by Air, Celaeno, which requires you to Travel through space, and N'Kai, which requires you to Travel from an Underground Location. Other requirements are not included in this definition. You must still have a Star to get to the Castle of the Great Ones on Kadath, and you must still have the R'lyeh Disk to get to R'lyeh.

Rude Awakening
Q: Does Rude Awakening allow me to a play a Waking World card if even I don't have the Silver Key or another means to get there? What orientation do I play it in?
A: When Rude Awakening says that you "may play a Waking World Location" it is giving you explicit permission, even if you don't normally have a way to do so. If you're moving from one dimension to another, you'll typically play the new card right-side-up, unless you are told explicitly to walk. Rude Awakening doesn't say so, thus you play your new Location right-side-up.


Tall Lighthouse, The
Q. This says I can play it immediately after playing any travel by sea event. Would I be able to do this even if the location I was previously at was not in the Dreamlands?
A. No. It doesn't allow illegal travel (in particular whenever you cross dimensions you must have something that explicitly allows it), it simply speeds up boat travel.


Q: What is a Lesser Monster, as referred to on the Leng Spider? What is a Greater Monster, as referred to on the Labyrinths of the Gnorri?
A: A Lesser Monster is a Lesser Servitor or a Lesser Independent. A Greater Monster is a Greater Servitor or a Greater Independet.


Q: Can I Deflect a Spell if I don't have a legal target?
A: No. Just as you can not cast a Spell or play an Event without having a legal target, you can not Deflect a spell if you do not have a legal target.

Q. My question is: Is it possible for a waking world corrupt cultist (eg Stanford) who knows a spell, to know a dreamlands spell with the dream icon on it, if he's in the waking world?
A. Yes. The Dream Icon has no special restrictions -- it just so happens that the icon can only be found in Tomes that originate in the Dreamlands.

Crystal World
Q. This allows me to survive in Space when a Star event is in play. Does the Star event only need to be in play when I cast the spell, or does the protection only persist while the Star event is in play?
A. The star event only needs to be in play when you cast the spell.

Mythos Standard Game Set Specific Questions


Harry Houdini
Q. After I give Harry Houdini Dynamite, he takes a point of damage in combat. Does he live or die?
A. Harry is toast. Dynamite says "Discard both Dynamite and Ally after use in Combat." Since the Dynamite was played after Harry, it takes precedence over Harry's "Bury... only if he takes his full card value in Sanity loss during Combat." In cases of conflict, the last Card played always takes precedence (except for the special case of GOOs).

Q. Can Harry Houdini be killed by spells like Dread Curse of Azathoth?
A. Yes. As is stated on page 15 of the MSGS rules, "the last card played [or spell cast] has the dominant effect". Though Harry says he can only be killed by damage during combat, the newly cast spell takes precedence over this, and so he dies. In practice, Harry can only Escape from damage inflicted to him during Combat.

Laban Shrewsbury
Q. After I've giving Laban Shrewsbury a Tome with a Spell in it, who actually casts the spell, myself or Laban?
A. Laban is just holding your Tome. He doesn't have any ability to cast the Spells within. That means when you use one of the Spells in his book, you pay the Sanity cost and flip the Spell, just like normal.


Q. When I play Ambush who may decide to attack with Allies, just me, or both myself and my opponent? If the latter, who decides first?
A. If you and any opponent are in the same subregion, and both Locations have the City attribute, you may both decide to attack with your Defending Allies. The person who played the Ambush decides first, and then his opponent. In all other ways, the attack of Allies works exactly like that described on pages 19-20 of the MSGS rules.


Q. It says I must walk out of N'Kai, but can I use a Dhole or Fly as I play a new location on my next turn, which is just like walking?
A. Nope. You must walk. Dhole is not walking, and nor is Flying.


Insect from Shaggai
Q. Can I use the Insect from Shaggai to eat a spell of any (chosen) opponent?
A. No. The wording is not entirely clear, but if the Insect survives the Cosmic Battle, you may use it to eat a chosen spell of the player that the Insect was directed against.

Q. Since he has the attributes Corrupt Mi-Go Leader, can he be used to meet one of the Mi-Go requirements for Yuggoth Attacks?

A. Yes. Portions of attributes are legal -- e.g. the Miskatonic University Professor is a Professor.

Q: What happens if Unexpected Calamity is played while Tulzscha is in play?
A. Nothing much. The GOO power overrides Unexpected Calamity's effect, and three passes are still needed to end the Round. The "pass" announced when Unexpected Calamity is played counts as one of these.


Q: If I Control an Opponent's critter, and then he hits it with Blasphemous Obeisance, does it get returned to my hand?
A: No. Cards should never exchange hands during a Mythos game. It goes back to the hand of the person who owns the Card.

Mythos Limited Edition Specific Questions

Adventure Cards:

Cruise, The
Q. Um, help! Does this mean TWO LOCATIONS in different CITIES or TWO different CITY LOCATIONS?
A. It means TWO different LOCATIONS with the CITY attribute.

Great Epidemic, The
Q. In The Great Epidemic do I need 2 Doctor Allies?
A. Yes, and at least one of them must be in your Story Deck.

Knee Deep in Doom
Q. For this adventure, do Fire Vampires count as a 4 point Monster during the Day? What about Sand Dwellers during a Drought
No, because
(a) you can't use things in your Threat to complete Adventures.
(b) the critters revert to their natural attributes in the Story Deck.

Royal Geographical Society
Q. As I understand it, I can't use portions of card titles for adventure requirements. So how in heck do I play this Adventure?
Unfortunately this is a notable exception to that rule...Location cards with "Catacombs" or "Tomb" can be used to fulfill the requirements for this adventure.

Strange Case of Charles Fort, The
Q. Does this require two locations in each of two different regions, or two locations, one in each region?
It means two locations, one in each region.

Your First Big Story
Q. In Your First Big Story it says you need Gate locations in three different cities or towns. Do villages count too?
A. Yes. You need any three different locations that each have a City, Town, or Village as an attribute and come from different subtype location (listed in the Region part of the card).

Ally Cards:

Capt. Edward Norrys
Q. If he's a defending ally, and my opponent removes him from combat so that he's no longer defending, do my other defending allies still get the 1 point bonus? After all, he was chosen as a defending ally.
A. No, he has to still be a defending ally in order to give the bonus.

Herbert West
Q. When an Ally is brought back by Herbert West, does it still have all of its attributes and abilities?
A. Yes. The two cards now count as one Ally with the combined attributes and abilities of both cards. Remember that if the Ally brought back costs Sanity, it must be paid again.

Zadok Allen
Q. Do I have to be at an Outside location to play Zadok Allen?
A. Yes. However, remember that at the beginning of the game and while walking you are considered to be Outside. Zadok can be played at these times too.

Artifact Cards:

Mist Projector
Q. What does lost mean for the Mist Projector?
A. It means that the Mist projector should suffer the same fate as the Ally using it if the Ally is buried or discarded.

Orne Formula & Diagrams
Q. Do cards that affect Weapons affect the Orne Formula & Diagrams?
A. No. However, the Orne Formula must be assigned to a specific Ally like a Weapon is.

Sphere of Nath
Q. This says that I may use Gate on the Location revealed by the Sphere. Can it be one that I have already used?
A. Yes. You may reuse a Gate in your story deck if it becomes your Current Location due to the Sphere of Nath.

Q. The rulebook says "Exotic Locations are not affected by Events or Spells...", but the Sphere of Nath is an Artifact. So can it remove an Exotic Location?
A. Yes

Star Stone of Mnar
Q. Do I have to activate this by turning it to make it work?
A. No. The effect of the Star Stone is always on. In the first Mythos set of cards the Lamp of Alhazrad is the only Artifact that you have to rotate to turn on the effect and flip over to end the effect.

Q. The Ultra-Violet makes all attacking Invisible Monsters visible. Does this include my Monsters attacking an opponent?
A. No. Only those attacking you.

Chime of Tezchaptl
Q: What happens if I played other cards when I cast the Spell, such as a Location with the Fly Spell or a Monster with a Summon / Control Spell?
A: Those cards are returned to your hand

Q. And what about any Sanity paid to cast the Spell? Is that lost or regained?
A. It's lost!

Lamp of Alhazred
Q: How exactly does the Lamp of Alhazred work?
A: This was explained in the original Limited edition of the rules, but has been omitted from more recent versions (since it's the only Artifact that works this way). In short: to turn on the Artifact rotate it sideways and spend a point of Sanity. This takes a turn. To turn off the Artifact flip it face-down. This takes a turn. When the Artifact is on, you are in the Past and may not play new Locations or Travel Events. If you lose the Lamp while you are in the past, you revert to being in the present.


Q: How exactly does the "Protection from Police Investigation" that some Police Detectives and other Allies offer work? What happens if I play such an Ally after Police Investigation is played on me but before it takes effect?
A: If you have an Ally that offers "Protection from Police Investigation", the Police Investigation Event may not be played against you. Police Investigation has an instant effect that occurs the moment it is put down; afterward it is kept out till the end of the round only as a reminder. That means that Police Detectives later played have no effect (nor does Aldebaran, or any other card which clears the table of Events).

Q. Some phobias (like Hydrophobia and Dendrophobia) state that you lose a point of Sanity each turn you meet the requirement. Does this mean every one of your turns, or every turn for every player?
A. Each of your turns. Newer, MSGS, Phobias have the clearer text "At the beginning of your Turn..."

An Unexpected Calamity
Q. If I am playing the Pragmatic Hobo can I play An Unexpected Calamity?
A. No, because the card requires your to pass, which the Hobo can not do.

Q. Do I lose a point of Sanity every turn it is Day if I have Esophobia?
A. No. For Esophobia you only lose a point of Sanity if it is Day when the card is played on you. Then each time a new Day event is played another point is lost. The same is true for Scotophobia and Night events.

Flee to Special Room
Q. If I Innsmouth Look my opponent's ally, can they play Flee to a Special Room? After all, with the Look, I haven't buried or discarded the ally--it is still there, only now it is in the threat, not an ally, and will eventually be buried or discarded during combat?
A. Yes, you can Flee to Special Room the Innsmouth Look or anything similar

Q. Can Flee to Special Room bring back Allies that I lost in Combat?
A. No. This card can only recover Allies lost since your last turn in the current round.

In the Nick of Time
Q: Can I do other things besides playing a card, such as cast a spell, or arrive at a Location I was walking to?
A: Nope. As the card says, you need to play another card.

Instability in the Mythos
Q. What happens if I play Instability in the Mythos (Sullivan) and one of the cards now added to my threat is a weapon?
A. Weapons and the Ally (or Monster) they are connected to act as one card. If there is a Weapon in your Threat, it should be set aside whenever something happens to a random Card in your Threat. If the wielder of the Weapon is affected, the Weapon incurs the same effect (in the case, if you get the wielder of the Weapon, you also get the Weapon).

Q. Does Monophobia affect you if your Ally joins your threat? How about if you summon a Cultist into your threat at a gate?
A. Monophobia affects you when you lose an Ally in any way. When you have an Ally enter your threat it immediately becomes a Monster, so is lost and costs a Sanity point. Cultists summoned directly to your threat enter play as Monsters, so they are never Allies and Monophobia does not apply.

Surprise Meeting
Q. If I use this to bring out an Ally who can join with another Ally, can I bring out both Allies at the same time?
A. Decisions, decisions... I'd have to say yes. Because, likewise, if you played Discover Secret Cache you could play a Tome with Spells Joined to it. The only time you can't Join is when something says specifically one or one card.

Townsfolk Riot
Q. If Townsfolk Riot has been played on you, can you play an Ally to block them? What happens if you pass and end the round?
A. The Townsfolk Riot 5-point attack does not occur until you have done something besides play a Location or Travel event. However, the attack occurs before your turn ends. You can play an Ally to have them block, but you cannot pass to end a round and avoid the attack. If the round ends before your turn, they will affect you on your first turn of the next round.
Q. If you have to miss a turn and someone plays Townsfolk Riot, what exactly happens? My guess is that you would have to wait until your turn comes up before you can react but it isn't clear.
A. Sorry, you get thwacked for 5 points of damage.

Q. What about if I complete an adventure rather than going somewhere, and that adventure gives me 20+ points (ending the game), do I still lose the 5 SAN from the Townsfolk Riot?
A. You lose the 5 SAN before the game ends, the moment you decide to play something that isn't going elsewhere.

Q. Alex carefully waits for his opponents, Chris & Michael, to converge on Kingsport, and then plays Typhoid, ostensibly on the City of Kingsport. What Alex has failed to note, however, is that Chris is not in that City; he is in The Strange High House in the Mist, which is a Country Location. (Michael has just made port at the Seventh House on the Left, which is a City Location.) So does Chris get sick?
A. No. Unless the players are both in a CITY location in the same subregion, Arkham, Kingsport etc. it only affects the targetted player. In other words, even if you are both at the exact same Kingsport COUNTRY location, only one person is affected by typhoid.

Yithian Mental Contact
Q. What happens if I play Yithian Mental Contact in a multi-player game and my play would have made another player's card play illegal?
A. Nothing happens. Yithian can only affect cards still in play by the opponent it is played on.


Q. Can my hand size get bigger than 7 with the Pragmatic Hobo?
A. Yes, but you must discard down to at least 7 during the discard phase.

Q. Talking of the Hobo (and the Waif from MSGS), do they "beg" on a turn that they spend in therapy/atonement/performing appropriate rights/etc?
A. Yes


Q. If my opponent's current location is the Boston Globe, are my reporter Allies' values also increased by one?
A. No. With all cards that increase the value of certain types of Allies (such as Press and University) only the Allies belonging to the player at that current location get the increased value. This has been clarified on newer MSGS cards, which says "All of your..."

Q. The North Burial Ground is in Providence, but it says it is a Country location. Is this correct?
A. Yes. It is a long trip out to the North Burial Ground, but it is still close enough to Providence to find Allies, etc. It does not count as a City location ever. As of MSGS and Dreamlands you will note many more subregions which mix City and Country.

Q. At some Locations such as The Catacombs of Rome I can take Living Dead from my Story Deck instead of using the Gate to summon cards from my hand. Can I take more than one from the Story Deck because they Join?
A. No. Joining only applies to playing cards directly from your hand.

Office of Dr. Freud, The
Q. One player goes to The Office of Dr. Freud. All of the other players flip their top card, and someone turns up Phobophobia. As Phobophobia is labeled a Phobia, how is it handled?
A. The person who just played Dr. Freud's Office applies Phobophobia to himself. This means that any one phobia currently affecting his investigator can be redirected against the opponent of his choice.

St. John's Churchyard
Q. Can you remove a phobia at the St. John's Churchyard location because it has the Church attribute?
A. No. Not all churches are created equal and some do not offer the solace a frightened Investigator often seeks.



Q. Since Byakhee can not affect people in Inside Locations, do they still participate in the Cosmic Battle if they have no legal target?
A. Yes. But if they win they have no affect on the Target's Sanity or Allies.

Q. When Cthulhu is in play all monsters join, but if you have the Disk of the Hyades in play Living Dead can not join. What happens when both are in play at the same time?
A. All Great Old Ones and Outer Gods such as Cthulhu have such tremendous power when they manifest themselves that they overwhelm all other effects. In your case, even the Living Dead can join while Cthulhu is in play.

Dimensional Shambler
Q. This says "Add 1 point...if your investigator is at any time other than the present". When is the present? Is it the 1920's or where the investigator happens to be (eg New Aeon)?
A. There is only one 'time' other than the present, and that's the Past. It has no relation to dimensions, and thus no relation to the New Aeon.

Q. Does every player flip an ally on *each* turn, or is it only the player who's turn it is who flips the ally?
A. Turn means "each of your own turns".

Giant Albino Penguin
Q. If I have an adventure that requires a monster which costs me a point of sanity can the Giant Albino Penguin be used as that monster?
A. Yes, Penguins count as Monsters which cost Sanity.

Q. Hastur reads "Treat all locations (including Exotic locations) as if they belong to the same Region." Does this mean that when Hastur is in play I can walk from Lovecraft country to the North (Dreamlands) or the New Aeon, crossing dimensions, as all locations belong to the same region?
A. No. You can't cross dimensions without an appropriate card.

Q. Does the Effect of Ithaqua causing one to pay a point of sanity whenever a locations orientation changes include gate usage?
A. No. The turning for gate usage is not actually required, it just really helps when remembering if a gate has been used or not.

Q. Do the Allies carried off by Nightgaunts still block Sanity loss?
A. Yes. Discarding of Defending Allies takes place after burying.

Serpent People
Q. Serpent People join with Weapons. Does this mean I can play a Weapon Artifact to my threat if Serpent Men are in it?
A. No. It means that if you summon a Serpent Man at a Gate you can also play a Weapon with him at the same time. Note that all regular rules still apply, so you must be at a Location with the Artifact attribute and you must pay any Sanity cost for playing the Weapon.

Q. If I have Zombies attacking an opponent who loses no Allies, but another player loses some Allies in the same Combat, can I still create a new threat with the Zombie?
A. No. Zombies only return if Allies were lost in the battle they were involved with. However, these could be the Allies defending against them, or your own Allies.
Q. If I have two Zombies, each attacking a different player, can I start a new threat with both of them if both players lose Allies?
A. No. Zombies may only restart a threat with one card, no matter how many participated in the Combat phase.



Body Warping of Gorgoroth
Q. This reads: "Place target ally face-down in his or her Investigator's Threat." I think that the intended effect is that if the Spell is cast as a turn the Ally is placed in the Threat and if the Spell is cast during Combat the Ally is placed in a Directed that correct?
A. Yes (when the card was written Directed Threats didn't actually exist)

Circles of Thaol
Q. With Circles of Thaol and the Star Stone of Mnar, does Circles Summon or Control a Greater Independent, or both Greater and Lesser Independents?
A. While the Star Stone of Mnar is in play the Circles of Thaol Spell can affect both types of Monster. So, it could possibly affect two cards in your opponent's threat if both Monster types are present, or if you have both types in your hand.

Curse of the Rat Thing
Q. Do Phobias in the story deck also affect your opponent with Curse of the Rat Thing?
A. No, only those currently in play.

Create Gate
Q. Can I play Joined Monsters with the Create Gate Spell?
A. As long as you have the Sanity needed to play them.

Q.If I cast Devolution on an Ally who is armed with a Weapon (or other joined card), is the Weapon buried as well? Or does the Monster replacing the ill-fated Ally inherit his or her possessions?
A. Since the Weapon and Ally are one card, they are both placed in the story deck where the chosen Monster was removed from


Cultes Des Goules
Q. If I have two Cultes Des Goules out, does my threat increase by two if I have Living Dead in it?
A. No. Bonuses from Cards of the same subtype are not cumulative unless they state they are.
Q. If I split my threat against multiple opponents and each part has Living Dead, does the Cultes Des Goules give each part of my threat a bonus of 1?
A. No. The Tome gives your threat a bonus of one. You must assign the point to an opponent after the Spells and Artifacts are used, but before threats are revealed.

English Book of Dyzan
Q. The English Book of Dyzan says you can also find one Yellow Sign Spell in the Tome if Aldebaran Moves in the Sky is in play. Does this mean my one spell I can put in is now Water and Yellow Sign, or can I put two Spells in the Tome, if one is a Yellow Sign Spell? What happens when Aldebaran leaves play?
A. When Aldebaran Moves in the Sky is in play, and you have the Book of Dyzan, you can find an additional Yellow Sign Spell instead of just the one Water Spell. The Yellow Sign Spell remains in the Tome if Aldebaran Moves in the Sky is no longer in play.