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Mythos Errata

updated 4th Nov 2001 Also See the Mythos FAQ Page.

N.B. This Errata page is not yet officially endorsed by Chaosium, although I have asked them to do so. All the new entries are taken directly from Shannon's comments on the Mythos mailing list, and so are official rulings by Chaosium. New entries are highlighted in blue.

Mythos: New Aeon

Rule Errata

The example on page 40 of the rulebook has Reverend Baxter Lully joining with Serpent Men. This is incorrect, as he does not have that ability

Card Errata


Mythos: The Dreamlands

Rule Errata

Descriptions of the various region color bars was inadvertantly left out of the Dreamlands rule book. They are as follows. A pictorial guide also appears in the Rules Additions for the Dreamlands section of our Mythos web page.

The East: A kind of blue color, containing the sub-regions "Celephais", "Rinar", and "Ilek-Vad".

The West: A kind of purple color, containing the sub-regions "Ulthar", "Mnar", "Dylath-Leen", the "Oukranos Wilds", and the "Edge of the World".

The North: A sort of green color.

The South: A kind of pink color, containing the sub-region "The Isles".

The Underworld: A kind of brown color, containing the sub-regions "The Wildlands" and "Gug City".

Exotic Locations: A kind of grey color.

Lovecraft Country: A kind of green color, with a smooth, shiny texture. Not part of the Dreamlands.

Card Errata

Mythos Standard Game Set

Rule Errata

The following important rules changes supersede the printed MSGS rules:

Joining: Two additional sentences have been added to the end of the definition of Joining on page 28: "Two cards may Join as long as one of them allows this in its Special Effects box. More than two cards may Join as long as every combination of two cards in the group Joins."

Just Played: The definition on page 28 of the MSGS rules is subtly wrong. It should read: "A card played since your last Turn in the current Round that has not been affect by any other card play."

Card Errata

Mythos Limited

Rule Errata

The following important clarification exists for Mythos Limited. Note that in MSGS the rules have undergone several updates and clarifications. These newer rules should be used instead of the out-of-date Limited rules.

Combat: One paragraph in the COSMIC BATTLE section in Combat is incorrect, and gives a mistaken impression of how Combat is conducted. The correction is simple:

On page 27, delete the last sentence of the COSMIC BATTLE section (Bury all Monsters ... opponent's threat.) Thus, if your DEEP ONE (1 point) battles a FLYING POLYP (5 points), the DEEP ONE absorbs 1 point and your Investigator loses 4 points of Sanity. Only then are the monsters buried.

Card Errata

The following general card errata has been issued for Mythos Limited:

Islands: The old Island travel restrictions have been overriden by the following general rule: "Islands are Special Locations found within Regions. You can not walk or use Travel By Land or Travel by Air cards to go to, from or between Islands, unless Special Effects say otherwise." All old Island cards (R'lyeh, Bal Sagoth, Easter Island, Otaheite, Ponape and Retoka) are no longer considered to have the old text which said "You must use a Travel by Sea card to get to this Location".

Travel By Sea Events: All Travel by Sea events from Limited (Mauretania, Titanic, Tramp Streamer) should have the phrase "Play this card at a Location featuring the water attribute" added to the special effect box of the card.

The following specific cards in Mythos Limited have had errata issued: